Amazon is joining the likes of Alphabet and Alibaba in trying to simplify mobile payments. In a new patent application, Amazon is seen describing how to complete a transaction through a selfie. A number of companies are already trying to implement pay-by-selfie, but Amazon’s case introduces extra security measures.

Amazon version of pay-by-selfie

In the case of Amazon, the company is working towards a system that will only require you to take a selfie to complete a transaction. The system will use facial recognition to match the freshly taken selfie with an image of you that is already in the system. If the matching is positive, you will be able to complete a transaction faster than presently possible.

As an extra security measure, the system may prompt you to perform an action such as tilting your head in a certain way, blinking or smiling.  That extra layer of secure ensures that someone cannot impersonate you by holding up your photo to cheat the system.

Why selfie payment?

The reason Amazon is working to simplify mobile payments through selfiesis that it believes using passwords no longer guarantee transaction security. For example, the company says that some people feel embarrassed when they have to walk away from their friends to feed a password into their device.

To avoid such awkward moments, some people have resorted to either using short/weak and easy-to-clone passwords or store passwords on their devices. However, these practices only comprise security.

Who else is simplifying payments?

The likes of Google and Alibaba are also experimenting with simplified payment systems that both provide extra layer of security and speeds up the process of completing a transaction.

In the case of Google, the company recently came up with a service called Hands Free, which allows you to complete a transaction at a store even without a smartphone. You simply let the cashier know that you want to pay with Google. The company claims the process is fast and secure.