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Airtel’s Project Leap aims to provide inputs and keep track of network coverage


Bharti Airtel recently launched a new website named Project Leap, which enable users to keep track of its network coverage. The site also includes information about the expansion projects carried out by the company across India.

The new micro-website coined with the name Leap enable customers to view the network coverage for voice, essential data services (2G) and high-speed data services (3G/4G) in their regions.

With the help of Leap, customers will be able to view a list of all sites planned in their localities in addition to an ability to request assistance related to various services. Moreover, customers will be able to view those sites that have been shut down in their locations.

To verify the statistics of your location under the Project Leap, you need to visit http://www.airtel.in/leap and provide your postal code. You will be able to view a map that shows the tower locations.

You will be able to view the number of towers deployed in your locality in addition to the upcoming number of towers before the end of March 2016.

The site also provides a total number of 4G data sites and the expected number of future sites. We came to know that three towns near our locality have 4G enabled towers.

You can also submit requests in case if you have any trouble in accessing the network by selecting Report Issues option.

Airtel expects to improve the network quality with the help of Project Leap with an overall investment of Rs 60000 crore in the next three years. Recently, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) requested all operators in India to increase their investment in infrastructure to keep an eye on the call drop.

Airtel is scheduled to deploy nearly 70000 mobile towers in the current financial year in addition to 23000 high-speed data towers under the project leap initiative. As a customer, you will be able to view the status of the projects from within the microsite.

Airtel is planning to deploy 160000 base station towers over the span of next three years. The company is also expected to implement more than 555000 kilometres of the domestic and international fibre under the project.

Airtel is expected to provide very high-speed broadband services that will have the capability to offer 50 Mbps data transfer rate after the completion of Project Leap.

Moreover, the company is also planning to deploy fibre network to the home broadband service that will have a capability of offering up to 100 Mbps speed.

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