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Airtel introduces new International roaming packs with free incoming starting at Rs. 649

Airtel has announced new international roaming (IR) packages with bundles of data, free India calling minutes, free messages, and free incoming calls starting at Rs. 649. According to reports, the new Airtel international packs will provide validity options from one to 30 days and will be available for US, Canada, Singapore, UK and the UAE.

Meanwhile, Airtel will also unveil 10 days package by the middle of October. The main attraction of the new international roaming packages is that they can be activated through the Airtel website and myAirtel app. Moreover, you can also activate by approaching your nearest customer contact centers.

Responding to media, Ajai Puri, Director – Operations (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel disclosed that the new roaming packages are in line with their commitment to providing our customers a seamless international roaming experience and great value. Puri said that the number of Indians traveling overseas for leisure and business is growing rapidly. Hence, there is an urgent requirement for stable international packs. This will ensure customers to avoid bill shockers and experience powerful connectivity through their own smartphones or tablets.

Airtel one day international roaming pack at Rs. 649

Talking about pricing, the one-day international roaming pack will cost Rs. 649 ($10 pack) in all the regions. Even though Airtel has not announced rates for the 10-day package, the company is planning to launch the 10-day package at around Rs. 3000, which equates to $45.

Airtel 30-day international roaming pack priced at Rs. 4,999

In the meantime, the Airtel’s 30-day international package for the US, the UK, and Canada is priced at Rs. 4999. This package offers 3GB data coupled with unlimited incoming calls. The package features 400 minutes of free calls to India and unlimited text messages to India.

As a customer, you will have to pay Rs. 3 per MB post pack data charge. However, all calls routed to India and within local destinations will be charged at Rs. 3 per minute post the free minutes.

Airel one day international pack provides 300MB of data

The one-day international package for the US, UK and Canada will provide 300MB data paired with unlimited incoming calls, 100 minutes of India calling, and unlimited texts to India. If you are visiting Singapore, you can buy 30 days pack at Rs. 2499. The one day package will cost Rs. 499. As far as UAE is concerned, the 30-day internal pack will cost Rs. 3999.

The company disclosed that both prepaid and postpaid customers will be able to activate the new international roaming packs at any time. They only need to pay for the used bandwidth.