1MORE iBFree Sport review: Great fit and sound, perfect for active users and travellers

Some people enjoy listening to music during most of their activities, whether they’re travelling, gardening, or even relaxing on their couch. Besides, fitness freaks usually prefer durable earphones that can handle sweat, and most importantly – sound good while working out. With an IPX6 rating, the 1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth earphone fits perfectly in that category. I’ve been using it for over a month now, and here are my thoughts about it.

Design and Comfort

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While removing this unit out of the box, the very first thing I noticed was its feather-like weight. Comfort is always a priority for any user, and I was pleased with the comfort of the earbuds. I was able to do sit-ups, and these did not budge. They hug my neck comfortably.
The headset is pretty comfortable to wear and is light enough to forget it is even there. It includes a set of ear tips that fit snuggly in the ears and provides a decent seal for a quality sound. These are sweat-resistant and are ideal for workouts, running or cycling. I would assume they would be somewhat splash resistant as well.
 I also liked the dedicated button to turn off the earphones.  It allows you to switch off the headset easily without fidgeting around with multiple buttons. All in all, these headphones feel good while wearing and are well built. The design protects the headphones slipping around the neck while doing workouts.

Performance and Features

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It supports Bluetooth 4.2 interface to enable simple pairing and wireless streaming with compatible devices. Connectivity is effortless, turn the headphones on, and then turn on Bluetooth on your music device.

Sound is another thing that is very important to me, and I loved these. They provide a gentle bass “thump” without wrecking the balance between high, mid & low frequencies. Bass is pounding enough but does not dominate the overall experience. I was able to hear music while exercising at a comfortable volume without distortion. These aren’t noise-cancelling headphones. Therefore, you will still hear background noise if it is loud enough, like a car honking nearby. That said, the sound is muffled enough, which doesn’t hamper the overall sound experience.

Battery life is also solid and this headset delivers close to 8 hours. I used this headphone all day during work and workout. The best part is that if you charge these headphones for about 10 minutes, you get nearly an hour of battery life. If you charge them for around an hour, you should get 7-8 hours of play.

Wrap Up

Overall, it’s a fantastic set for any user with an active lifestyle. They’re very light, fell secure around the neck, and you often forget that they’re even there. Even the audio quality is impressive for the price. All in all, it justifies its price tag of INR 2499. It offers excellent sound, comfort, battery life, and functionality without any gimmicks or useless features. I highly recommend this headset.

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