Andromium OS is a Kickstarter project that has raised $3 million within a month. The project is all about increasing the productivity of Android smartphones. Andromium OS is a launcher app for Android smartphones which transform your default Android smartphone interface to a whole new desktop like UI so you can do multiple tasks in a single window like you do on Windows PC.

Andromium Inc. is also working on a laptop shell called Superbook which comes with a display, a keyboard, multi-touch trackpad and a USB port (to connect the phone using USB cable). You just need to connect your phone to Superbook and start using your phone with a desktop-like user interface. You can buy this Superbook for just $99 once it is available.

Superbook is not available right now but you can test Andromium OS Beta app in Google Play Store. The app is free and you can get a taste of Andromium OS right now using Chromecast

Steps to transform your phone into a PC

  1. Download and install Andromium OS Beta on your phone.
  2. Pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your smartphone and connect a USB mouse using OTG cable.
  3. Restart your smartphone once and the Andromium OS icon will start to show on the notification bar.
  4. Mirror your Android screen to your TV or monitor using Chromecast.
  5. Start Andromium OS from notifications and you can start using your smartphone on a big screen.

Optional apps to make experience better

  • Install Null Keyboard to stop the annoying default keyboard pop-up.
  • Use Screen Standby to keep the screen off while screen mirroring. This app needs root access to work properly. To save battery, instead of using USB mouse you can use your phone display as trackpad while the screen is off using Screen Standby app.
  • In the case of Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and Note series smartphones, you can keep them on the wireless charger to save battery.
  • To use back your phone, simply click the Andromium Menu in bottom right corner and select Log Off.


Andromium OS is getting better and soon you’ll be able to buy Superbook so you won’t need this tutorial then. An open source Andromium SDK is released so developers will contribute by making their apps compatible with Andromium OS.