With the ever increasing adaptation of technology in our daily lives and disconnecting with the real world, we are now almost dependent on apps for all of our basic needs more than ever before. With our schedule becoming busier day by day, we don’t have time left to know our neighborhood, so whenever we get stuck in day to day life problems, we blame ourselves for not knowing the locality well enough to get a helping hand to fix our problems. But not anymore! To solve this issue, some nobleman decided to create an app, and they named it Toost.

Toost is a mobile application that provides assistance in finding trusted local service providers used by your friends. It helps you in finding a carpenter, plumber, doctor, electrician or a driver – just to name a few.

The app is driven by friends’ recommendations based on their personal experiences and level of connection with the business. It is the digital equivalent of word of mouth that everyone relied on but powered by the phone graph and user community’s contributions.

The app not only gives you contact details but also quality-of-service recommendations so that you can stay assured about the service you are going to get. It comes handy in many situations and for future reference as well.


Basically, whole information on the app is user generated based on their personal experiences. So, the ratings and recommendations can be trusted.

To use the app, you have to register yourself using your mobile number with them and create a profile with basic information.

Once you’re inside the app, you can select any category according to your requirements. For e.g. Restaurants, doctors, plumbers, etc.

Toost lists the results on the basis of distance whereas the recommendations from your friends are pinned on top. So, the nearest service provider will be on the top of your list.


Make sure you give access to your location to the app as its primary functionality depends on the location accuracy of the user. Without that it will fail to assist you in desired way.

The app is basically like just dial only but with more personalized experience.

There is an activity feed tab available where you can see what the whole community is doing and rating the services they’ve used recently. You can filter feed on the basis of your friend’s only activities as well.


The best part of the app is that you get the direct contact number of the service provider which comes handy in many ways. And you get to rate the service providers on the basis of your personal experience.

It assures reliability as the decisions are based on trust and word of mouth instead of depending on the information from archaic local search market.

At present, the app has over five million businesses and over 750m unique people and business identities on the graph. It has already clocked over 1.2 million installs with a daily install rate of around 10,000 and is currently available on the Android platform only. They promised to release the iOS version of the app by mid-June, but it’s yet to come.

Apple iPhone is my primary phone like many other delhities, and I had to use it on my secondary Android device, which is really frustrating for me. The success of such apps depends on its cross-platform availability and ability.


My suggestion:

You should get this app on your phone!

The app is now available for download on all Android devices.