The PS5 Digital Edition is back in stock, pre-order starts May 17, shipments begin May 24

The Sony PlayStation 5 is back in stock, or so it seems. At least, the elusive next-gen Sony gaming console is listed on the official Sony India website – That applies to only the PS5 Digital Edition, which the listing reveals will be up for pre-order starting May 17, 12:00 PM onwards. Deliveries are slated to begin on May 24. No word yet as to when the base PS5 model is going to be available. The PS5 Digital Edition is listed for Rs. 39,990.

With that being the state of affairs with the PS5, the bigger worry is of course whether the shipment will be deliverable to various addresses in India given the current pandemic situation. Several states have imposed total lockdown while wide-ranging restrictions are in place in most other states. Also, with almost all states only allowing delivery of essential items, it is not known if the PS5 can make it through to reach its buyers.

In any case, this does make for a speedy turnaround given that the last time the PS5 was up for pre-order was on January 12. However, shipments didn’t start until February 2. However, as already stated, whether PS5 shipments will be allowed to go through remains to be seen as the pandemic ravages large parts of the country.

Coming to availability, the official Sony site, ShopAtSC likely seems to be the only place that has the PS5 Digital Edition on offer at the moment. However, that too wasn’t without a series of flip-flops as no sooner than the PS5 Digital Edition banner became live at ShopAtSC, it was taken down to be replaced with the standard PS5 version. Now, the PS5 Digital Edition is back again and is holding steady.

Meanwhile, a bunch of other retailers has also confirmed the PS5 is going to be on sale via their channel starting May 17. Those retailers include Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Vijay Sales, Amazon, Croma, and Reliance Digital.

So, those who might have missed out on the first sale will have to hurry to not miss out again.


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