The new Fun2 app is spreading hope, love, and life in times of the pandemic

There is no dearth of short video creating applications in the market though there is one that claims to be different from the rest in its ability to integrate sports, music, and entertainment into a single platform. Named Fun2, the app can be the perfect choice for sports lovers irrespective of which form of sports that the user might be addicted to.

Be it football, cricket, or anything else, Fun2 is open to all as anyone can take part in the quiz competition and win exciting prizes. The app will provide sports quizzes as well as cricket updates along with a healthy dose of entertainment as well. What is also unique about the Fun2 app is that here the music has been specially curated for sports. The makers of the app call this a bold move that is unprecedented anywhere in the world. In the end, what we have are 83 short tunes that now form part of the Fun2 music library.

No wonder, all of this has already wielded magic on sports lovers as well as lovers of music and entertainment in the country. The app has already gone for more than a lakh downloads in the short period it has been in existence. Of course, the ongoing IPL event too is doing its bit and is having a rub-off effect on the Fun2 app as well that is riding on the popularity of the mega sports event. As it is, IPL has emerged as the second most popular sporting event in the world, and undoubtedly the most popular in India.

What is also interesting is that Fun2 has come at a time when the whole world and particularly India is reeling under a renewed Covid outbreak. With things being all of gloom and doom, the IPL has to some extent proved to be a much-needed respite for the people at large. The same also goes for the Fun2 app as well given its ability to keep users enthralled on multiple fronts.

As Mr. Kewal Kapoor, Global consulting advisor, Fun2 App said, the best way to beat the Covid blues is to engage in some creative activities such as sports which makes people hope for something better in the coming days. The Fun2 app may well be the medium to get creative and hope for better times ahead.

The Fun2 app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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