Stephen Hawking is giving people between 200-500 years time to flee to new habitats among other stars in the universe before global warming gets hold of the Planet. The physicist told the audience on June 20 in a meeting held recently at science and arts festival in Norway. In his remarks, Hawking emphasized his belief that humans should search for alternative homes in the space and they should also travel on a beam of light.

The top physicist commented that the threats facing the Earth today are enormous and numerous and the only survival technique is to find new places on other worlds found in the space. The professor describes that there are other stars estimated to be about 1,000 within the 30 light years of the Earth. Out of the numerous stars confirmed to be in existence, there are about 10 candidates New Worlds that could sustain life.

Hawking is envisioning some new form of energy including the fusion-powered ships that could be powered by light. According to the professor, human colonization and migration to another planet in the universe is no longer a fiction, there is so much information documented that makes the fact a real science. The human race has been in isolation from the rest of the world for more than two million years now.

Hawking believes life on the Earth is at a high risk of being wiped out in a few years time. The professor has also slammed President Donald Trump saying that the climate change and global warming are real issues and need to be taken seriously. Hawking is calling upon the leading nations to send astronauts to explore the Moon by 2020 so as to re-ignite the space exploration. They should also focus on building the lunar base in the next 30 years. Also, they should send researchers to Mars by 2025.

According to Hawking, the nearest places to explore are the Moon and Mars. But the Moon is small and has no liquid water. It also lacks a magnetic field to protect people from radiation. Mars also has no liquid water.