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SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft to Launch First supercomputer to ISS Next Week

SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – the American multinational IT firm has confirmed that the largest artificial orbiting outpost – the International Space Station (ISS) is expected to get its ‘First Supercomputer’ in the coming week. The supercomputer, dubbed ‘Spaceborne Computer,’ is intended to remain operational on board ISS at least for a year, which according to the company, is roughly equal to the period, ISS takes to make a trip to Mars.

The American conglomerate has officially announced the launch of a supercomputer into Space Station next week. Atop SpaceX‘s Dragon spacecraft, which is slated to take off next Monday, the first supercomputer will be delivered to the ISS. The launch of the supercomputer is a part of a joint experiment, conducted by the US space agency NASA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft, loaded with several tons of experiments and supplies alongside the supercomputer, will take wings to the ISS on Monday, 14th August, from NASA’s 39A Launch-Pad at the Florida-based launch ground.

Alain Andreoil, the senior vice president and general manager at HPE’s data center infrastructure group, highlighted,


A mission to the red planet Mars needs to refine onboard computing resources which can extend the periods of uptime for the mission and to address these requirements, a significant improvement in the computer’s viability in space is highly essential. This will uplift the possibilities of mission success. By sending this new ultra-modern and ultra-powerful supercomputer to space, HPE is taking the first step forward towards this revolution.

The Spaceborne Computer, developed by HPE is entirely based on the purported Apollo 40 class systems, which run on an open-source Linux operating system, integrated with a unique water-cooled enclosure. The supercomputer has no hardware modifications. The equipment and computerized systems which are sent to space need to be ‘ruggedized’ or hardened with strong hardware for withstanding the rough conditions in space. But Spaceborne Computer is the first equipment which will fly to space without any hardware modification.