Samsung recently conducted a seminar in New Delhi to demonstrate the brand new technologies it has recently incorporated in the mobile industry. Named as theSamsung Mobile Solutions Forum, the conference was attended by over 200 mobile industry experts from India. The Korean giant showcased a range of its solutions ranging from innovative image sensors and processors to a new generation of RAM modules and futuristic display technologies. The primary target of the company was to make the professionals of the country aware of the scopes of strategic partnerships in the modern smartphone industry.

With schemes like “Make in India”, the country is progressively emerging to be a manufacturing hub of latest consumer electronics. The Union Government is drafting various reforms and bills like the upcoming Goods and Services Tax Bill (GST) to promote large-scale manufacturers to set up their plants in India.

Samsung is well aware of the proceedings and thus targets to ramp up their component business further by being one of the chief suppliers of mobile solutions in the country. In the latest conference, the company invited representatives from various industries including mobile manufacturers, camera companies, and cellular service providers.

At the event, themed as “India is calling, future is here,” the Korean manufacturer displayed some of the most revolutionary technologies developed by them. Mentioned below are some of the main components which Samsung mostly emphasized.


This is built especially for the mobile devices industry. This advanced RAM module provides exceptional performance while consuming being very light on the battery. Featuring the latest LPDDR4 technology, these synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) is a significant leap in the mobile memory technology.

Dual Pixel Image Sensor

This is an advanced image sensor that is capable of using each and every pixel as a focusing agent to result in outstanding image quality even in low light conditions. Based on the new Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology, the dual pixel technology opens up a new horizon for the mobile photography.


This is Samsung’s solution for the industry dealing with smart health monitoring gadgets. The advanced bio-processor integrates the MCU (microcontroller unit), DSP (digital signal processor), AFE (analog front ends), PMIC (power management integrated circuit) and eFlash memory in a single module, making it an all-around health solution.

GreenScaler Display Technology

This is a display driver solution that can upscale the screen resolution up to four times of the original capability without hampering the power efficiency. This will make it possible for lower to mid-range SoCs to support extremely high resolutions.

Virtual Reality Wearables

Samsung demonstrated some of its VR (Virtual Reality) solutions in the latest seminar. The company showcased the range of its latest Exynos brand of chipsets which included massively powerful ones to run full-scale VR simulations and extremely power efficient chips designed for smartwatches.