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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be disabled on December 19 via an OTA update

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung released Galaxy Note 7 with much expectation. However, the efforts were spoiled when the phone caught fire and exploded forcing the company to recall twice. The latest development is that Samsung is planning to disable Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the United States by releasing a new OTA update on December 19, which will prevent the phone from charging.

In a statement released to the press, Samsung disclosed that a new software update will be pushed on December 19 to prevent Galaxy Note 7 handsets in the US from charging. This step will prevent users from working with the phone. Even though users will be able to use the phone till the battery is left, they will not be able to charge again.

OTA update forces users to stop using Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to Samsung, few users in the US are already using Galaxy Note 7 despite warnings and recall. The latest move by the smartphone giant will force remaining customers to stop using the phone. Ultimately, they will surrender the handset back to the company.

Based on available reports, early 93% of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones had already been returned to the company after the company recalled the phone. To recall, Samsung had issued an OTA update which restricted the charging capacity to 60%.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faced serious problems from the start

Samsung had so far recalled 2.5 million units of Note 7 phones in 10 markets. This is due to series of explosions due to the faulty lithium-ion battery. Even though Samsung replaced the phone with a new battery, the problem reoccurred forcing the company to abandon the production. In the US alone, as many as 1.9 million units were sold. However, authorities banned the phone from not only in airplanes but also in checked luggage.

In the meantime, Verizon has issued a statement stating that the carrier would not participate in the upcoming update. This is because users who don’t have a spare phone will not be able to work if the phone is completely disabled.

If you are in the US with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should immediately surrender the handset. You can either opt for a brand new smartphone from Samsung or can opt for a refund. Samsung has been providing Galaxy S7 in return for Galaxy Note 7.