Saavn releases online music streaming app for Windows 10, that’s becoming more and more popular with every arriving day since its launch in late July. The app is available to download for free on PCs, tabs and laptops running on Microsoft’s latest operating system i.e. Windows 10.

Yes, this highly appreciated musical app where a user can listen to over 10 million musical tracks in as many as 11 different languages is now ready to be enjoyed on Windows 10 too and soon, as the reports say, will be available for Windows Phone devices as well, immediately after the Microsoft Corp. shoots up with Windows 10 mobile, as planned by them.

Windows 10 users will get access to Saavn’s main products as well as features like phonetic search and many more. But the social features and the provision of Pro account is missing which the company is reportedly looking forward to work upon.

The features will be including the ones like Saavn Social where users will be able to chat and follow each other.

Mahesh Narayanan, Global CEO, Saavn, rejoices the moment and is extremely pleased to welcome Windows users to the Saavn family. As stated by him, there are more than a billion PCs today powered by Windows, and there was an ardent desire among its users to be able to play music via Saavn on it.

Another spokesperson of Saavn commented that the app developed for Windows 10 is not exactly how it is for Android as well as iOS for it has been developed with MS tools. While he confirmed Saavn’s introduction is coming to Windows Mobile only, the rumors are also about the app maker’s introducing it to Xbox and Hololens, a UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

Key Features of Saavn:

  • A great player
  • Latest Musical releases
  • Trending music
  • Playlists as well as charts
  • Queuing and clearing Queue
  • Multi-lingual Music search and selection

Harish Vaidyanathan, Director, MS Corp., displayed his excitement on launching Saavn for Windows10 for rapidly augmenting fan following of Windows 10. The firm wants to establish itself as one store, a hub of Universal Windows Apps like Saavn.