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Research suggests object is not lost when it enters Black Hole Dark Matter

Information is not lost when it enters Black Hole says research

A new research study is challenging earlier claims that black hole information is lost for good. Authors of a research work published in Physical Review Letters are convinced that it is possible to reconstruct black hole information. Physicists have been debating for nearly 40 years about the possibility to recover information within a black hole.

At the University at Buffalo, Dr. Dejan Stojkovic and his team delved into the issue of information loss paradox concerning black holes and discovered that what Stephen Hawking suggested wasn’t actually accurate. According to Stojkovic, their study of black hole phenomenon showed that information in a black hole is not erased forever.

In the 1970s, a popular scientist known as Stephen Hawking proposed that it was impossible to recover black hole information. However, that suggest has been debated for nearly four decades by physicists. Hawking later changed course on the matter but it still remained a paradox how black hole information could be traced.

The issue of black hole information loss also made it difficult for researchers that doubted Hawking’s suggestion to prove that information can be recovered in black holes. In their work, Stojkovic attempts to explain just that – an outside observer can reconstruct black hole information.

A black hole is essentially a mathematically calculated region of the spacetime that exhibit strong gravitation pull.

Information is not lost when it enters Black Hole says research

Characteristics of black hole particles examined

The study carried out by Stojkovic and his team examined the particles emitted by a black hole as well as the interaction of such particles. Some of the interactions they considered included exchange of gravitational attraction or photons, which are called mediators. At the end of the day, the researchers established that information contained within a black hole can be recovered by an observer located outside the hole.

A new perspective

According to Stojkovic, people have weighed in on the issue of a black hole information loss with opinions, but explicit calculations to unravel the mystery has been lacking. That is why the new study comes as a great eye-opener. The study aimed to resolve the important issues about black hole information loss question.

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