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Pioneer AVH-X8890BT touchscreen car stereo with voice commands support launched at Rs. 39990

Pioneer AVH-X8890BT

Pioneer India Electronics has launched its latest touchscreen car stereo Pioneer AVH-X8890BT with voice commands support for Rs. 39990. The newly released AVH-X8890BT enhances the productivity of driver’s smartphone with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay into a single car stereo. It enables you to access smartphones from the stereo’s touchscreen display including the ability to make use of apps in a safe way during driving.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gaurav Kulshrestha, Manager – Marketing & Product Planning, Pioneer India Electronics disclosed that the AVH-X8890BT has been designed to minimize the use of the phone without sacrificing safety aspects. The touchscreen display is optimized for readability while driving even in extreme circumstances.

Pionner AVH-X8890BT supports voice commands

The new AVH-X8890BT stereo player is designed to support voice commands. You can make use of Google talk in Android Auto and Siri in Apple Car Play to interact with the player. Once you have integrated the stereo system, you will be able to attend calls, send and receive messages all through voice commands with the help of the Bluetooth wired mic that ships with AVH-X8890BT.

Pioneer AVH-X8890BT usage

To work with the Pioneer AVH-X8890BT, you just need to plug the smartphone into the receiver via the phone’s charging cable. If you make use of Android Auto, you require the relevant app installed on your phone. However, the CarPlay app is already available in all the latest iPhones.

Pioneer AVH-X8890BT specifications

Pioneer AVH-X8890BT features a 6.95-inch WVGA detachable panel display with support for all major media formats. The player also comes with built-in Bluetooth with wired Mic, advance sound Retriever,13- band EQ, Auto-EQ, RCA Pre-outs- 3 (Front, Rear & Subwoofer), Video out, Rear-view Camera In, and LED Backlight.

Pioneer AVH-X8890BT compatible with AppRadio

Compatible with AppRadio developed by the company, the app provides the total solution to all the needs of the rider during the course of commuting. It combines the services into a single and easy-to-use design. Moreover, you will be able to access offline navigation apps such as Navmii&Navitel, media, news information including events calendar with a smooth and intuitive interface.

Android Auto organizes all the required information into simple cards, while Apple CarPlay flaunts big icons with a simplified background for better readability.

Some of the other features included with Pioneer AVH-X8890BT are steering wheel control, Dual Zone Audio Video, Bluetooth, 13 Band EQ, Time alignment, HDMI interface, multi-color LED display, Dual USB, and Mixtrax.