Noise has launched its new Noise Flair Bluetooth neckband in India. The touch-enabled neckband comes with Qualcomm’s Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and smart magnetic control feature and is easily one of its kind headbands in the country.

The touch feature allows for superior user convenience as it can help in play or pause controls as well as changing tracks or receiving calls. The headband also boasts of an advanced dual-mic setup complete with Swiftcaller technology that allows for a truly high-quality audio output.

Battery life too is more than decent, with the headband capable of acquiring full charge in just 40 mins. Further, if you are in a hurry, just 8 mins of charging will be enough to sustain 8 hours of playback. Further, apart from being the country’s first touch-enabled Bluetooth neckband, the other aspect that too makes it unique is the use of environmentally safe products in its making. In fact, it is toxin-free food-grade silicone that has been used in the headband that allows for superior performance and the highest levels of user comfort.

Plus, the neckband comes with IPX5 levels of water resistance as well. Wireless range too is a quite decent 10 meters, which should be enough for all practical purposes, making it well suited for work-from-home or study-from-home applications.

Coming to its price, the Noise Flair touch-enabled Bluetooth neckband is priced a quite affordable Rs. 1,799 and is going to be available in the country exclusively via Amazon. It comes in shades of white, black, blue, and green.