New BenQ 4K V7050i UHD projector allows for movie theatre like experience at home

BenQ has announced the launch of its new 4K UHD Laser TV projector which offers a massive 120-inch Ambient Light Rejection or ALR screen, HDR-PRO, CinematicColor, an integrated Android TV along with so much more. The advanced projector comes for a price of Rs. 5,49,000 and offers a truly immersive cinematic experience right at home itself. Aiding in the latter aspect is the treVolo speakers that offer an extremely realistic audio output to complement the visual experience.

The V7050i ultra-short-throw projector also comes with an automatic sunroof slider as well as a motion sensor to protect the eyes. With the automatic sunroof slider, the lens is exposed only when it is in use and will close automatically when not in use. This prevents dust, moisture, or other debris from getting accumulated on the lens. Similarly, the Eye Protection Motion Sensor will automatically switch off the light source the moment it detects someone leaning over the projector.

The 120-inch ALR screen also comes with a special zigzag pattern which BenQ said is capable of absorbing 93 percent of the ambient light while reflecting back the light of the projector. This allows for a viewing experience that is comforting to the eyes even when viewed for long hours compared to conventional LCD or LED TV that essentially emits light and is hence harmful to the eyes when viewed for long.

Coming to its hardware specification, the V7050i features the new-gen 0.47-inch TI DMD ECD chipset with XPR technology that enables the projector to achieve 4K UHD resolutions of 3840 x 2160 pixels. There is also the BenQ CinematicColor technology at work as well as 98 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. Further, the HDR-PRO technology which includes HDR10 and HLG formats also ensures better brightness and contrast by allowing for automatic color and tone mapping techniques.

Then there is Motion estimation and compensation technology or MEMC technology which helps in reducing motion blur and offers sharp visuals even with fast-paced videos. The Filmmaker Mode that the V7050i features allow for movies or TV shows to be displayed in exactly the same manner that the filmmaker has envisioned to ensure viewers have a true and authentic cinema viewing experience.

Mention must also be made of the Android TV that is built into the projector and which provides for a familiar and simple user interface. This ensures users get to start off with the projector right away. The projector also provides Optical out/HDMI (eARC) interface that makes connecting external speakers is just a breeze.

Price, as already mentioned, is a cool Rs. 5,49,000. BenQ said they will be providing 3 years onsite warranty along with support for 3 years or 15,000 hours on light source and installation.


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