Finally, Mozilla brings their mobile web browser known as Firefox Focus to Android users. Previously the app is only available for iOS devices, and now it is being made available to Android. It comes with some interesting features and user-friendly web surfing experience.

Firefox Focus salient features:

  • Ad tracker counter– This feature allows users to get the counted list of all ad block per site while using the browser.
  • Disable tracker blocker– This feature allows the user to tackle loading problem of some web pages which encounter during browsing.
  • Notification reminder– this feature helps the user to close the app from the notification list when you are browsing.
  • Floating delete tab– It allows the user to delete browsing history through a single tap, this tab is present permanently in the browser interface.
  • Stealth Mode: By disabling this mode user can take the screenshot and surf the internet while still running the Focus browser in Recent Apps List.

The browser has enriched the features like “Block other content trackers,” which allow the user to access the web freely without any uneven content interference. Android Users can download the app from Playstore.