Mark Zuckerberg’s Awkward UFC 298 Appearance Sparks Online Buzz


At UFC 298, a high-stakes event held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook (now Meta), made a notably awkward appearance that has since ignited discussions across various social media platforms. Zuckerberg, known for his burgeoning interest in mixed martial arts (MMA), was seen in the corner of Alexander Volkanovski, the featherweight contender of the night. The event took an unexpected turn when Volkanovski faced defeat at the hands of Ilia Topuria, leading to widespread playful speculation about a “Zuckerberg curse” among fans and viewers.

Key Highlights:

  • Zuckerberg’s presence in Volkanovski’s corner at UFC 298 generated mixed reactions.
  • The Facebook CEO’s foray into the MMA world has been marked by his genuine enthusiasm and past sparring sessions with fighters.
  • Volkanovski’s knockout loss in the second round sparked humorous speculation about a potential “curse” linked to Zuckerberg’s support.
  • Social media commentary focused on Zuckerberg’s somewhat misplaced appearance during the event, highlighting his participation in post-fight rituals.


Zuckerberg’s involvement in MMA is not new; he has previously shown off his MMA skills and even sparred with notable fighters. However, his recent UFC appearance where he visibly supported Volkanovski has brought a new level of attention to his passion for the sport. Despite the unfortunate outcome for Volkanovski, Zuckerberg’s commitment to MMA remains evident, showcasing a side of the tech mogul that contrasts sharply with his usual public persona associated with the tech world.

The incident at UFC 298 is not the first time Zuckerberg’s presence at a UFC event has caught the public eye. Previously, he attended a highly exclusive UFC event in Las Vegas, where footage captured his wife, Priscilla Chan, displaying a mix of shock and discomfort at the intense action unfolding before them. These appearances underscore Zuckerberg’s deep interest in combat sports, a hobby that he seems to take seriously, beyond the confines of his corporate responsibilities.

As the dust settles on UFC 298, the reactions to Zuckerberg’s appearance serve as a reminder of the unique intersections between tech, sports, and culture. While some fans found humor in the situation, others appreciated seeing a global tech leader engaging with their favorite sport on a personal level. This blend of interests highlights the multifaceted personalities behind some of the most influential figures in the tech industry today.

In summary,

Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at UFC 298, albeit awkward, underscores his genuine passion for MMA and reveals a side of him that many may find relatable. Whether it’s seen as a quirky interest or a deep commitment to the sport, Zuckerberg’s involvement in MMA adds an intriguing layer to his public persona, one that goes beyond his tech empire. As the lines between personal interests and professional identities continue to blur, Zuckerberg’s foray into MMA serves as a compelling example of how leading figures are navigating these overlapping worlds.

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