Love Sports? Yes. Here are some amazing YouTube Sports Channels for you which you definitely need to check out. These channels provide sports highlights, updates on upcoming events and post some amazing sports clips. Out of all Dude Perfect has been ranked number one in terms of highest subscription of over 12 million. Simply wow. Let us find out about this number one YouTube sports channel and its fellow followers.

9Dude Perfect:

Dude Perfect sports channel is been run by five sports lovers who post sports videos adding a pinch of comedy to it. People laugh and enjoy their videos a lot. These guys even share the tricks and tips of improving the game quality. This channel was started in 2009 and till date has around 2,228,065,890 views. Out of the entire chunk of videos posted till date the most popular and most viewed is the one that shows Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel taking the “World’s Longest Football Shot”. This channel is a perfect blend of sports and comedy. They have videos relating to Basketball tricks, Bowling Tips, Fishing, Gym techniques, Pool tricks, Soccer tricks, Lawnmower racing battles, the very famous wipeout series and more blasting video collection. Check and subscribe soon.

Total Subscribers: 12,911,913


If you are a complete basketball, freak this channel is for you. This channel is owned and run successfully by the National Basketball Association. NBA is a basketball league featuring 215 countries and territories. The last season of the game featured 100 international players from 37 different countries and territories. The most viewed categories of the channels are ‘2016 Preseason Top Plays of the Night’, ‘NBA All-Access’, ‘2016 NBA Finals Must See Videos’, ‘NBA Mixtape Highlights’ and the list goes on. Now you can easily watch all the game highlights here in case you miss some part of it. Even the player’s interviews are also posted sharing their experiences and journey.

Total Subscribers: 7,231,378

7Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”:

On rank third comes the Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” Channel. This channel is run by Grant Thompson who shares life exploring experiments, hacks and projects. His aim is to build something which has never been tried in the past. He has shared over 150 different life hacking projects which everyone should try. His most popular projects include conversion of potato into magic mud and formulation of laser assisted blowguns. It is a cool channel which viewers love to watch. After viewing his passionate projects, you will not be able to resist yourself from trying it. So subscribe now and try this life changing hacks.

Total Subscribers: 6,444,682

6Red Bull:

Red Bull Sports channel is for those who love action sports and adventure. The channel features all kinds of sports adventure ranging from Rampage Mountain cycling to exploring the forbidden skyline and from all sorts of water sports to the decathlon of the ocean. It has special miles above season which are telecasted every Wednesday. Action sports almost everyone loves to watch, so here you can get access to all latest clips on action sports. Various action sports events footage like Soap Box Race, Hart Lines, Joyride, X-Fighters, Hare Scramble, UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and more are also telecasted.

Total Subscribers: 5,495,919


This channel is for football lovers. The channel was inaugurated in the year 2010 and currently has over 4 million subscribers. This channel Showcase Football match reviews, Challenges, Tricks, Free Kicks, tutorials and even provides some football skills to amateurs. It follows a weekly schedule:

Monday Best Soccer Vines
Tuesday Freekickerz day
Wednesday TOP 5 Goals
Thursday Tutorial Thursday
Friday Freekickerz day
Saturday Freekickerz day
Sunday TOP 5 Football Fail

So every day of the week you will have something new to watch. The schedule keeps the viewer curious to know what next will come up.

Total Subscribers: 4,783,659

4Go Pro:

Another loved sports channel that makes you experience the depth of the sea, the heights of mountains and the edges of outer space. You tend to view some breathtaking experiences captured by GoPro- the world’s finest camera. All the videos posted are of such fine quality that you would imagine yourself being a part of it. The most popular posts include Jasper’s Big Surf Session, A Journey through Mexico on Hot Air Balloon, The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice and some great official selections. Hats off to the performers taking so much risk and performing such sports stunt which we can’t even think of doing.

Total Subscribers: 4,287,133

3UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship:

The title explains it all. UFC talks about all kinds of fighting championships being conducted. It is a mixed martial arts competition. Videos are streamed of all the tournaments conducted during the event. The channel also provides information about all the fighting champions too. The tournaments trailers, press conferences, fighters’ interview and all other related stuff are posted here. So all boxing lovers this is the right channel for you. Watch and learn new techniques straight from the experts. The channel was started in the year 2006 and has grabbed a considerably large number of subscribers so far.

Total Subscribers: 3,374,674

2Nike Football:

Another big football association which updates about the latest happenings relating to football. You can catch up about your favourite stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Arda Turan, Blaise Matuidi and many more players. The videos uploaded teaches the different types of moves too like tic-tac, the cobra move, the hypnotizer and the cobra move. All the popular football uploads can be easily viewed here. The channel started up in the year 2006 and has grabbed considerable subscription of over 2 million. The channels tag says, never stop playing.

Total Subscribers: 2,664,673


Olympic is the biggest event ever conducted. This channel was inaugurated in the year 2006 and is run by the International Olympic Committee. You can enjoy great breathtaking moments from previous Olympic events. This channel comprises of over 1 million subscribers. If you tend to miss some precious event moments, you can catch up to them here. The latest updates on the channel feature the Rio Olympics unforgettable moments. The famous categories include Rio 2016 Replays, Athlete Highlights | Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Olympic & World Records, Olympic Quick Guide and Iconic Olympic Moments.

Total Subscribers: 1,599,317


All the above-listed sports channels hit the top subscription list. These are the most loved and most viewed sports channel which every sports freak would surely enjoy watching. So folks, what are you waiting for? Check out all these channels and subscribe soon. Keep watching! Keep updated!