Facebook Inc. owned photo sharing service Instagram has today opened its platform to all marketers and the ads would be available to all types of business.

Instagram introduced ads a year and half back in their system. Instagram’s ad platform was a closed one wherein only a selected brands were allowed to place their ad.

In the new blog post, Instagram has announced that their platform would now be opened for all Facebook advertisers.

The new strategy is a win-win for Instagram and the marketers alike. Advertisers would like to showcase their products on Instagram which is growing fast in the mobile space.

Instagram could leverage on the large pool of advertisers from Facebook without putting any extra effort.

Instagram has focused this new three-pronged strategy as:

  1. Action-oriented Ad formats
  2. Enable more target capabilities
  3. Relative ease to all advertisers to offer ad on Instagram

It is expected that these new changes would be rolled out by the end-of this year. Instagram is going to publish an Instagram Ad API which can be used by advertisers to connect directly to the platform.

Instagram is going to offer more specific ads to its users. The ads would be based on the things people care about and would be tailored to their needs. This will also help businesses to offer more focused advertising and would help them get more notice.

Instagram has been a successful photo sharing platform for advertisers. Ad recall for the Instagram platform is much higher as per research conducted by an independent group.

This strategy would help Facebook monetize its investment of $1 billion it spent in 2012 to acquire Instagram.

Instagram is a popular mobile-based photo sharing service. Instagram gained popularity as more and more celebrities joined the service and craze for selfie increased.

Instagram crosses more than 300 million active users this year surpassing active users on Twitter.