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Instagram gets video calling feature: Here’s how it works

instagram video calling feature

Instagram has rolled out a new Video chat feature in Direct, which allows users to have one-on-one video chat or a group conversation with upto four people. Unlike WhatsApp, the feature does not require a phone number to make video calls. Instead, it uses an already active direct thread on Instagram.

The feature allows users to minimise video call into a picture-in-picture window, and continue using Instagram the way they’re used to. They can send messages and photos in Direct, browse their Instagram feed or post a story.

How does it work?


To start using the video chat feature on Instagram, just head over to Direct Inbox and open any active message thread. Then, simply tap on the new camera icon in the right corner. After that, your friend will get a ring on their phone once the video chat has started. And as more users join the conversation, the video will automatically expand. During an active video chat in the group thread, the camera icon turns blue. To join the video chat, all you need to do is simply tap on the camera icon. To end the video chat, just tap on the red icon at the bottom of the screen.

Using Direct, Instagram users have the ability to video chat with anyone. That said, if you’ve blocked a particular user you will not be allowed to video chat with him/her. Besides, users also have the option to mute anyone if they don’t want to get notifications from them.

Apart from the video chat feature in Direct, Instagram has also added support for custom AR filters. The app now gets a bunch of new camera effects designed in collaboration with Arianna Grande, NBA, Liza Koshy, as well as Baby Ariel. In addition, the Explorer tab also gets redesigned in Instagram. With this new change, users can easily browse through posts, follow accounts and channels depending upon their preferences and interests.

All the aforementioned features and updates have started rolling out to all Instagram uers across the globe on both iOS and Android platforms.