Home News India’s NSG membership will disturb India-Pakistan nuclear balance, reports Chinese media

India’s NSG membership will disturb India-Pakistan nuclear balance, reports Chinese media

Chinese official media acknowledged on Thursday that India is ‘inching closer’ to get membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). It further stated that if Delhi gets an opportunity to be admitted in the elite grouping, the nuclear balance between Indian and China would be broken.

Under the Modi government rule, India remains hopeful of getting the NSG membership. This membership will give India access to technology and help in boosting its economy. But it apparently looks like the Chinese media is not happy with this new development. In the paper, it stated, “India inclusion in the NSG will shake strategic balance in South Asia and will affect the peace and stability in the entire Asia-Pacific region. But on the other hand, in an article written in the state-run Global Times, it was written that China would support India entry in the forty-eight limited members club but only if India plays by rules.

The article also mentioned how New Delhi seems to be moving closer to the NSG after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gained support from the United States, Mexico, and Swiss to join the elite club. Narendra Modi, since the time he has joined the office as Prime Minister, has had the maximum trips to the USA, which have only further helped in cementing India’s close relationship with the US.

It further highlighted, “The major goal for India’s NSG ambition is to obtain an edge over Islamabad in nuclear capabilities. Once New Delhi gets the membership first, the nuclear balance between India and Pakistan will be broken.”

Fu Xiaoqiang, who has written the article, is a research fellow with the state-run think tank China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations that has highlighted China’s strident and vocal opposition to India’s entry into NSG. The paper also raises concerns about how India ally Pakistan will be left behind as the entry of India into the elite club will make it a legitimate nuclear power.

Till date, India has garnered the right support from all the other countries to become a part of the elite club.