In a refreshing change which reveals a more responsible attitude, developing economies like India are investing more heavily in renewable energy resources. Welcoming this development US Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a speech at the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Morroco. In fact, developing countries like India have invested more in green technologies than compared to the developed countries.

More than 2 million new cases of Asthma have been linked to the pollution caused by the use of coal in industry and power generation. The scourge of global warming and pollution is now increasingly being understood by the populace who has to bear the brunt of the vagaries of nature caused by climate change. The trend is seen across the whole spectrum of developing countries like South Africa, Brazil, India, China, etc. China has invested some 100 billion dollars in clean energy and green technology. In the coming years, green technology will become a multi-trillion dollar market. It will be one of the biggest markets which the world has known. Kerry added that no country would sit on the sidelines and lose new business possible with clean tech explosion.

The world climate is changing rapidly with freaky weather patterns the order of the day. The effects of global warming are now evident all across the globe. No region is free from its ill effects, and there are frequent instances of record-breaking drought, rising sea levels, strange storms and thousands are displaced from their homes because of weather and its vagaries.

Events which usually happened once in 100 years have become regular striking with cataclysmic and frightening regularity. In recent years more than 22.5 million persons have been displaced by freak weather. Kerry’s statement acquired more urgency after the election of the maverick Donald Trump who has threatened to reverse the Paris Climate Agreement and withdraw support from the US. Kerry made a fervent appeal to all nations to strive to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate deal which seeks to limit the Global Warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.