The Government of Telangana has partnered with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) to support app development in Hyderabad. The two bodies will jointly set up and support a Mobile 10X Hub that will boost app development capabilities among local tech businesses from the State’s technology hub.

The new center will serve as the second marker of an effort between the IAMAI and an Indian State Government to encourage the development of apps in the country.

The hub will act as a specialized training center as well as a development and testing laboratory with separate verticals and aid for each stage of app development.

The Mobile 10X Hub will be housed in the T-building in Hyderabad and will serve as a ‘enabling center for application development’ that will work in conjunction with other tech startups to provide guidance and training.

The first Mobile 10X Hub was built in Bangalore last year in the month of September and the IAMAI has been approaching numerous State Governments to partner with them in an effort to make application development mainstream.

In-order to commence activities at the Mobile 10X Hub in Hyderabad, the IAMAI will pick five startups that take up application development. These personnel from Hyderabad will be trained as well as helped in all stages of their current efforts to develop applications smoothly.

Telangana is seen as foremost competitive after Bangalore when it comes to the technology industry. The State houses offices and R&D centers of giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Qualcomm among other big names like Apple, Google and Amazon who are expected to set up their largest development centers here, outside of America, all within a 10km radius.