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Hyperloop and Space Internet: This is where Tesla CEO Elon Musk will spend his next $10 Billion

Tesla Motors Inc’s CEO, Elon Musk, has shared future plans about his next most ambitious projects – the Space Internet project and the Hyperloop transportation system. He wants to stretch Internet access to more locations on the earth and also to make the service available on Mars, if all goes well. That project should consume $10 billion alone to deliver the promise of expanded, fast and cheap Internet. And regarding the Hyperloop, Musk’s engineers are planning to build a five miles long test track in Texas.

$10 billion for space Internet

At an event, this week, Musk issued details about satellite Internet. He hopes to achieve that goal through a Space Internet venture that he hasn’t named yet. However, he revealed that getting the Internet to Mars was part of his plans.  According to Musk, light travels in the vacuum of space about 40% faster than for fiber. That should allow low floating satellites to deliver the Internet even to sparsely population pockets of the earth.

Tesla Motors Inc’s CEO not only expects to the space Internet project to cost $10 billion, but to take five years to get it off the ground.


Hyperloop transportation

The issue of space Internet comes just when Musk also this week talked about his futuristic high-speed transportation network – Hyperloop. He revealed plans to build test track for Hyperloop designs so that students and companies can try their Hyperloop pod concepts there to help bring the futuristic high-speed transportation system to reality.


The Hyperloop test track is expected to be built in Texas. The whole Hyperloop project is expected to cost somewhere between $6 and $7.5 billion. The high-speed transportation system should be able to move people between places such as San Francisco and Los Angeles in just 30 minutes.

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Big dreams

Tesla Motors Inc’s CEO, Musk, is certainly dreaming big, and there is no reason to doubt him. He is the guy behind the $5 billion Gigafactory project in Nevada, a facility that will produce battery cells for use in Tesla’s all-electric vehicles. The Gigafactory is expected to start operation in 2017, in good time to support the production of the mass market targeted car known as Model 3.

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