Honor 8 Pro Camera Review: Unmatched Dual Camera

Honor recently unveiled its latest smartphone Honor 8 Pro and it sports a dual camera setup as we have seen in the recently launched OnePlus 5. This device sports a dual 12 MP + 12 MP camera as its primary camera and a 8 MP front-facing camera for selfies. Let us take a deep dive into the Honor 8 Pro camera.


Honor has been spotted much time sporting a dual camera in its devices and it has done the same in its recent device. Coming onto the specifications Honor 8 Pro feature a dual 12 + 12 MP lens with an aperture of f/2.2, The dual camera consists of an RGB lens and a monochrome lens.

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The Honor 8 Pro Camera lens comes with phase detection autofocus and the camera comes dual tone LED flashlight.Coming onto the secondary camera, Honor placed a 8 MP camera with an aperture of f/2.0 and it can still record 1080p videos.


The Honor 8 Pro camera is a dual camera setup and is a great feature in Honor 8 Pro and it makes this device capable of clicking great pictures, apart from this it can record 4k or UHD videos @ 30fps and 1080p full HD videos @ 60fps. The Honor 8 Pro camera features a pro photo and video mode too which allows us to adjust the various aspects involved in photography and videography.

It consists of a monochrome mode too which uses the monochrome lens of the dual camera setup to capture monochrome images which make the image look more appealing. It has a wide aperture mode too which comes in handy in creating a depth of field or commonly known as bokeh effect. It consists of other features too like time lapse, light painting, slow motion videos, panorama, night mode etc.

Picture Quality

The Honor 8 Pro scores some good marks when it comes to picture quality, In daylight this device impresses as pictures come out beautiful and look brilliant. The colors look vivid and rich and focus is sharp and quick.

In artificial light as well this device didn’t disappoint us. It was able to capture some decent shots but the colors didn’t come out that good, when zoomed in grains can be seen. Seems like when it comes to low light Honor 8 pro starts to panic. Photos were not good, bad color composition and grains can we observed, the flash comes in handy at this moment.

In terms of selfies Honor 8 pro scores a decent score of 7/10, the 8MP camera does a good job when used in daylight and a decent job in artificial light too but struggles in low light, grains can be seen and the colors look artificial.

Video Quality

Video recording in Honor 8 pro was good, while recording @ 1080p resolution @ 30fps, the colors came out good and the video looked great, but when it came to 4k recording Honor 8 pro wasn’t able to hit the mark, the camera lagged in a lot and the phone heated a lot while shooting.

The EIS did a decent job in stabilizing the video but cannot be compared to OIS, another disappointing thing is you need to convert the 4k videos if you wanna play it in the standard players, as Huawei uses a compression feature to compress the 4k videos shot on the devices.

Coming onto the audio test, the Honor 8 performed a good job here and recorded crisp sound during the recordings and they were clearly audible while we previewed the videos.

Monochrome Mode

In this mode, the camera uses the 12 MP monochrome lens of the dual camera setup to capture a grayscale picture or commonly known as a black and white picture. When it came to clicking pictures in this mode, the camera did an excellent job, the pictures came out brilliant, they were sharp, detailed and perfectly focused. The monochrome mode worked brilliantly under all lighting conditions and produced stunning images.

Honor 8 Pro Monochrome Mode

Someone who got basic knowledge about photography and videography, trust me this device won’t disappoint you at all. The pro photo mode gives you a premium feel of using a DSLR, it helps you in adjusting your Shutter speed, ISO, White balance, exposure and even allows you to switch from the Autofocus to Manual focus. The pro video mode gives you some similar options as it was in pro photo mode and they come in handy while shooting videos in different light conditions.

The most underrated feature of the Honor 8 Pro is the wide aperture mode which works by adjusting the aperture to create the bokeh effect. The wide aperture mode in this device does a great job in creating a stunning bokeh effect, the photos looked brilliant but lacks sharpness, but overall a thumbs up to the wide aperture mode.


The Honor 8 Pro is a good competitor when it comes to its camera capabilities because of the different camera feature that comes in with the device.

Features like the monochrome mode, wide aperture mode and the pro mode for photography and videography makes this device somewhere special in its own ways. For someone who’s looking for a good camera phone, this device is worth giving a shot.

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