Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) – The search engine giant, Google is all set to announce better privacy controls for its Android users at the Google I/O 2015 Conference scheduled at the end of the month.

Although Android M is supposed to be the biggest announcement, more nifty deals are to unveil at the upcoming event. Google has hinted that it may announce the update for its Android for Work, launched earlier this year.

The aim is to make the software better and more appealing to the corporations so that the reach of the company’s Internet maximizes into the workplaces. It is expected that Google will be introducing Android to match all types of workplaces. The current version of Android for Work does not work smoothly for the high-security businesses.

The Ars Technica has said that Android for Work and Android M could together give more customized benefits even though working on separation.

Google I/O 2015 Generating Accidental Leaks

Even though, there is a lot of hush-hush about the Google I/O Conference, accidental leaks and rumors have already started making the rounds. Apart from the launch of Android M, a new hand-free app providing Voice Access experience, Google is rumored to be coming up with more gifts for its Android users. The sources are sure that Google is gearing up to provide its users fine-grained control over the app.

It will enable the users to decide the access limitations for the app and in turn will strengthen the privacy controls on the platform. People who have been following the development in the Android for the past few years have noticed that the Android platform offers similar permissions and control offered by the iOS users. In 2013, App Ops, a hidden app was discovered in the 4.3 Jelly Bean of Android.

This app allowed the users to disable or enable particular app permissions, including reading contacts, getting location data, writing to storage and making the device vibrate.