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Google collaborates with Udacity to launch Deep Learning course online for free

Google Deep Learning course

Google has thrown open the premium courseware of its deep learning technology to the general public for free. In partnership with Udacity, the online class will be accessible as part of a three-month course including the course related materials. A Google spokesperson who refused to reveal identity has informed that the classes will be difficult.

Developed by Arpan Chakraborty with inputs from Vincent Vanhoucke, the deep learning course enables students to learn the art of building neural networks for machines to start thinking more like human brains.

Announcing the beginning of the class, Vanhoucke revealed that the course is easy to learn since it has many examples to draw from on the web, open datasets, and a thriving community of enthusiasts.

The deep learning technology developed by Google provides the ability for the machines to pick up patterns in pools of data without the need of human engineers. It also recognizes voice commands or image searches or any program the user is looking for.

Targeted for intermediate to advanced level users, the deep learning course requires a minimum of 2 years programming experience, preferably in Python.

Comprising of four main lessons, a learner has to spend six hours of work per week to complete the three-month deep learning course.

Integrated with Google Translate, the deep learning algorithm is used in the Inbox email app, Google Photos in addition to Google Brain. Moreover, TensorFlow, which is the latest machine learning system developed using deep learning, has been made open-source by the California-based search giant. The course includes a special module which teaches the steps required to work with TensorFlow.

Attracted by the attention of the media, the DeepDream images created using the technology traces patterns to recognize the contents of images.

In the past, Google had collaborated with Udacity for the various courses which include hosting of Google Developer Training courses. For more details, see the Udacity blog post, and register for the course. We hope you enjoy it!