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Future Apple Watch to include sensors for blood glucose, pressure, and alcohol monitoring


The Apple Watch on your wrist could soon be capable of keeping a tab on your blood glucose and blood pressure levels. These apart, there might also be sensors onboard that will allow the smartwatch to measure the alcohol level in your blood. All of these features are being touted to be part of the Apple Watch 8 package if not the Apple Watch 7 that is expected to launch this fall season.

This will make for a considerable bump in capabilities for the Apple Watch given that the present iteration, the Apple Watch 6 is capable of measuring the heart rhythm as well as the heart rate. Besides, it is also capable of measuring blood oxygen levels as well.

Apple has been toying with the idea of including a blood glucose monitor on its smartwatch device for several years now. However, that seems ready to enter a definitive stage though things don’t seem to be ready for prime time yet, at least not before the first half of 2022. The UK-based company, Rockley Photonics, which makes the sensors for the above along with other intended features isn’t likely to be ready to deliver those until that time.


The Apple Watch has already built a niche for itself and is easily counted as among the most advanced smart wearable device out there. The Apple Watch has also proved to be lifesaving on several occasions where it sent out a warning well in time for the users to get in touch with the medical professionals and save lives.

The addition of the ECG app for the Apple Watch has been a landmark development as it was the first time a device mounted on the wrist was capable of taking an ECG. First introduced on the Apple Watch Series 4, it has been a standard feature for the Apple Watch Series 5, and 6. Now with the addition of blood glucose, pressure, and alcohol monitors, the future Apple Watch no doubt is going to be more capable than ever before.

Such an Apple Watch model no doubt will also enable Apple to maintain a strong presence in a segment that is expected to be valued at $48 billion by 2025. The Cupertino giant has already been witnessing a growth of 24 percent to $7.8 billion for its smart wearable, home, and accessories segment in Q1, 2024.