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Five premium Gaming Mouse available for hardcore PC Gamers

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse

Gaming is now a part of life for some gamers, and out of them, PC gamers are more excited about the emerging gaming technology. Today we’ll be talking extensively about the gaming mouse apt for the hardcore PC gamers. We have curated for you a list of five best gaming mouse that will help you with your missions. These are the premium gaming mouse so you might need to

Here’s the list of some premium gaming mouse:

1. Razer Ouroboros: ($149.99)

Razer is the most popular brand for making gaming accessories, especially for PC gamers. Razer Ouroboros is a wired/wireless gaming mouse which you can also use for everyday use. Ouroborus comes in a transparent package which looks pretty cool. The mouse can be used both wirelessly as well as with the USB cord.


The mouse had nine buttons, two primary mouse click buttons, two programmable buttons on either sides, and two dpi adjustable buttons to increase or decrease the mouse sensitivity with a clickable scroll wheel. The mouse comes with a screwdriver to reach to the battery and change them. The mouse comes with two interchangeable sets of thumb rest and pinky rest; also the palm rest is adjustable with a wheel below it. With Synapse 2.0, you can sync your settings to the cloud and then sync them back anytime.


2. Mad Catz R.A.T. 7: ($84.99)

Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 is a wired mouse with a nice braided USB cord attached to it. Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 is the most customizable gaming mouse till date. The mouse comes in a regular cardboard packaging with two extra sets of pinky rest, two extra palm rest (one regular and one with rubber grip) and a small container for storing the weights.


The mouse has nine buttons in total; two primary left and right click with a scroll wheel in the middle, two programmable keys, one dpi rocker key and one profile changer. The three profile-changer button actually changes the mouse button configuration according to different games which you can preset using the software that comes with the mouse. You can identify the profile by the color of the button (which is also customizable).

Almost each and every part of this mouse can be customized according to the use. The thumb rest in the mouse is adjustable to around 15 degrees for bigger hands. The palm rest is adjustable as well as interchangeable for giant hands or small paws. With a hexa screwdriver below the palm rest, you can adjust the weight of the mouse by removing the weights.


3. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: ($79.99)


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a corded mouse and is an upgrade to the Proteus Core mouse. The mouse is quite simple looking with most simple looks with a glowing Logitech’s “G” logo which you can customize using the Logitech mouse software. The mouse is lightweight compared to the Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 mouse even when all the weights are inserted into the mouse.

The mouse comes in a regular cardboard box fitted on a plastic tray with a hexagonal plastic case to store the weights. To insert the weights, you need to turn the mouse upside down, remove the plastic cover and insert the weights according to the part of the mouse you want to be heavy.


4. Corsair Vengeance M65: ($64)


Corsair Vengeance M65 is a corded gaming mouse comes with a braided cord. It had three screwed weights at the backside of the mouse, which you can remove for adjusting the overall weight of the mouse. The aluminum body of the mouse gives it a more sturdy look and makes it bear shocks.


5. Roccat Nyth: (129,99 €)

Today every other tech in the market is getting modular like smartphones or computers, taking care of that Roccat launched a modular mouse with 12 modular side keys, which you can customize with more than 10,000 combinations. The mouse comes with a button and side grip carry case to store all the replaceable keys. The Roccat Nyth mouse is a bit heavy mouse and there is no way that you can adjust the weight of this mouse.


The Roccat Nyth mouse has a two level illumination, so you can set two independent colors for mouse scroll wheel and the mouse rim. The Nyth has 18 buttons in total including those 12 side buttons, which you can configure accordingly. Even then if you can’t find a suitable combination, you can go to the 3D printing Roccat store to order a fully customized button sets or you can do that at your home only by downloading the model files and print them with your 3D printer.

The sensitivity of the mouse can go up to 8200 dpi, which makes it very much sensitive if you are playing a first person shooter. The mouse has two programmable buttons on the left side of the mouse, an aim button on the left side can help you a lot in first person shooting games. The two dpi adjustment buttons with indicator LED rests between them. Between the two primary right and left click of the mouse rests a metal scroll wheel with rubber grip. The mouse is customizable using the drivers which you have to download from the Corsair website.

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