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Fitbit launches Fitstar personal trainer app for Android and iOS

Fitbit has launched their new redesigned Fitstar Personal Trainer App during the CES 2017 event. The Fitstar app helps you reach your fitness goals with personalized and guided workouts. The new Fitstar Personal Trainer App gives you tailored exercise recommendations based on your Fitstar and Fitbit activities.

How to use Fitstar

The Fitstar Personal Trainer can be used while working out anywhere and anytime. The adaptive video workout evolves as you progress. It uses your feedback to make sure that every exercise routine is customized to match your fitness levels. The personalized lessons help you increase your strength and stamina quickly as the workout routines are specially designed to suit your body and your level of expertise.

The Fitstar Trainer App has hundreds of moves and dozens of freestyle exercise routines like the “10-Minute Abs” workout session for you to build your abs even when you have a busy schedule and the “Traveler 10” workout session to keep you fit even while you are travelling around the world.

Fitstart data shows that 85% of people who use Fitstar Personal Trainer App for at least five sessions have reported an increase in strength.

Personalized workouts

Fitbit has planned many new features for the Fitstar Personal Trainer App and the Fitbit devices such as the ‘Guidance’option which guides according to your needs. If a user has run for five miles, then the Fitstart Personal Trainer App will suggest workout routines that will rest the legs and focusses on ads and arms.

Features of the Fitstar Personal Trainer App

  • Fitstar Personal Trainer App recommends workouts bases on your daily activity.
  • Fitstar has two personal trainers Adrian and Lea; you can choose anyone.
  • The app has a radio called Fitstar Radio which offers several popular music stations to help you get motivated while you exercise.

Fitstar has an ever-expanding library of new bodyweight and cardio exercises for every fitness level.

Price and availability

The Fitstar Personal Trainer app is available worldwide in many languages including English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Users can access unlimited personalized workouts and the entire Freestyle catalog for just Rs.490/month or Rs.2500/year.