Facebook status updates can tell lot about your personality, shows study

What you post on the Facebook reveals a lot about a person’s personality. It is the findings of a new study from the London’s Brunei University. The studies revealed that persons who regularly posted about their relationships on Facebook were insecure and were trying to attract attention and also trying to distract themselves from, their insecurities.

The Irish Independent, on the other hand, reported that those who regularly posted about their physique, healthy lifestyle or gym workouts are craving for attention. The likes and comments posted by viewers in a sense reinforce their sense of self and egos.

The paper further adds that it is important to understand why people write and talk about certain topics on Facebook. The updates often seem like differential rewarded with likes and comments.

Tara Marshall, a psychology lecturer at Brunel, was quoted as saying that persons who received positive comments and often liked to feel vindicated about the correctness of their opinions. On the other persons who do not receive likes or comments feel ostracized.

Narcissist persons are defined as a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish and narcissists’ bragging often evoke some likes and positive comments.

However, Marshall suggests it could be that Facebook are being polite and offer support but in fact secretly dislike such egoistic bombasts.

The study also concluded that awareness about one’s status updates and how they are received by friends could also help people avoid topics that are likely to irritate than entertain.

It is nothing new since the way we react and express our opinions are one of the means to gauge a person’s personality. Facebook has become one of the biggest social sites and often seen as a platform to express one’s feeling and also disapprovals. Facebook posts reveal a lot about a person’s characteristic traits.

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