Adding yet another layer of its stack, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) will now start pushing advertisements in the videos appearing in the News Feed.

Starting this Tuesday, the advertisers will be able to bid and place their ads in the suggested and sponsored videos in the beginning or even after ten seconds of the video play.

Apart from that, Facebook will also be giving the a part of the revenue to the creators.

Google must see this as an incoming for the very famous and massive – YouTube. No matter how small this new feature is, the Internet giant must be prepared for the hit.

The policies have also been designed in a much similar way; Facebook gets to keep 45% and give remaining to the creators of what the advertisers paid.

This works in a pretty similar way, authors will be asked to push rich and quality content on the social network website, and add the advertisements at the same time.

If played for nearly ten seconds, the advertisers will pay the company, which will be further divided among the creators.

Adding this feature will allow the social networking giant to have even more quality content for its users.

Every day there are billions of views on the videos that are shared on the Facebook, however, some of them aren’t good enough and lack HD content.

Whilst Google prepares the timeline by presenting the videos based on history, Facebook is apparently going to push the content in its News Feed by observing the activity on a particular video, which includes the amount of time spent, full screen, volume and like or comment.

The improved intelligence in the News Feed will push rather more relevant content to its users, which in turn will bring more revenues for the company and creators, and a good reach for the advertisers pouring money.