The Society for Indian Automobile Manufactures (SIAM) on Wednesday announced that the entire floor space of the famous Auto Expo Motor Show, to be held in February next year, has been sold out. The event is touted be the largest automobile event in the country, and it will be jointly organized by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, Confederation of Indian Industry and SIAM.

Vishnu Mathur, Director General of SIAM, is in an upbeat mood and happy to see the demand for the upcoming motor show. The event is to take place next year in February and already all the space has been booked. Mathur expects the show to be a grand success. The event provides an opportunity for both domestic and international vehicle manufacturers to showcase their product on a global platform.

This year the floor area has been increased by 8000 square meters and still every inch has been sold in advance. Last year the motor show was held in 42,000 square meters. This year space has been increased by 20% and the space available is 50000 square meter.

The Auto Expo Motor show next year will have more than 40 vehicle manufacturers. It includes more than 22 passengers and commercial vehicles Company, who will showcase their products at the show. The show will see 18 two and three wheeler vehicle companies and also electric vehicle manufacturers also.

Leading and vehicular engine Manufacturers in India will be represented by SIAM, which is the apex industry body. The Moto Expo will have upcoming vehicles from manufacturers that include concept vehicles, commercial vehicles, cars, MUVs, SUVs two wheelers, three wheelers, and supercars. It will also feature special vehicles, vintage cars, and motorbikes also.

The 2016 edition of Moto Expo will also see companies manufacturing accessories like tires, tubes, automotive design and technology companies, oil, engineering and IT for automobile companies, Universities, and insurance companies.

Notable absentees from next year’s Auto Expo are Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Skoda, Harley Davidson, Volvo, and Daimler, among others.