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Best cashback and coupon websites in India to save you money

All major e-commerce online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. support cash back and coupons sites. It is the most recent and best way to attract customers.

For customers, cashback is another major form of saving money where you get repayment of the amount paid for an online purchase. Whereas, coupons are exclusive discount coupons or combo offers like buy one get one, etc. Let us have a look at various Cashback and coupon sites available:



It is the leading Cashback provider in India providing maximum Cashback percentage in comparison to other players available. It includes a maximum number of e-commerce portals in its list. The website has three simple installation steps to start with:

    1. Join and register on CashKaro.com
    2. Visit the retailer you opt to shop, from the website itself.
    3. Lastly, shop, and earn the given Cashback.

It enables you to even track the purchased item without any hassle. The Cashback is redeemed directly to the bank account details you did shopping from, or you can even purchase gift coupons instead of Cashback. The redemption of cash is very secure and safe process.




Another cashback provider existing with great offers is GoPaisa. It the only website which is the official Cashback partner for Flipkart. GoPaisa is giving stiff competition to CashKaro in terms of the Cashback return percentage and margin. The procedure is simple and secure involving three major steps:

    1. Register on GoPaisa by creating an account.
    2. Login and browse the desired product through various portals.
    3. Click the get Cashback option at the store page and place an order.

You can track your Cashback through GoPaisa wallet.


As the name suggests, the website offers extra cash benefit back into your account. It has more than 200 e-commerce portals on board. Known for its high quality and service, Encashit is doing great with its amazing offers. Encashit provides service 24X7 continuously. It promotes exclusive coupon codes and promo codes of the various portals registered on board. There are three simple steps for earning Cashback:

    1. Register and Login to encashit.com
    2. Browse through your favorite stores and select the desired product.
    3. Lastly, choose the shop now option and get transferred to the store website for placing the order.

Once the order is completed, you get the Cashback. Sign up now to get access to amazing deals and Cashback offers. Up to 20% Cashback is offered on top portals, which is a huge saving.


Regarded as India’s ultimate Cashback and Coupons destination. The procedure is almost the same as in Encashit and Gopaisa.

    1. Join and register on the website.
    2. Browse the retailers and the products.
    3. Shop and earn Cashback.

All the major portals are registered with Indiancashback. This Cashback portal even provides extra Cashback bonus on some of the products from its side. It is fascinating for the shoppers who want to save extra money.

These are a few amazing Cashback and coupons website tried and tested by many Indian buyers. All these websites provide extra benefits in the form of coupons or Cashback. 

The best part is all these websites are easy to understand and operate. You can utilize the money earned through Cashback in further shopping. So, enjoy the extra money saved through these Cashback websites. As it’s said Penny saved is Penny earned! Happy Shopping!

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