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Asus ZenPower 10,050mAh Power Bank Review

Asus launched 10,050mAh ZenPower in India a month ago. It claims that the power bank is capable of charging multiple devices fully. Asus also promised support for various brands and batteries of various capacities.

The good news is we have the power bank with us to review. Are you wondering (just like us) whether to go for it or not? Well, let’s find it out together.

ZenPower is available in five colors – black, silver, gold, blue, and hot pink. We have a silver color variant with us. Apparently, ZenPower’s glossy, metallic surface feels premium and somewhat similar to Xiaomi’s Mi power banks, weighing merely 215 grams. It is covered with one-piece aluminium alloy outer casing, seems inspired from Xiaomi’s Mi Power bank design.

Asus powerbank 10050mAh

ZenPower comes equipped with a solitary USB port, which seems fairly common with most of the power banks getting launched these days. It provides an output of up to 2.4A and input of up to 2A alongside a power indicator.

The best part about ZenPower is its ability to automatically turn itself off after eventually in the wake of charging is finished, or a device is unplugged. It has a sensor that plays a significant role in this entire process of automation. It took us 6 hours to completely charge the ZenPower power bank with a 2A/5V standard charger.


ZenPower is furnished with a few really good safety features such as short circuit protection; reset protection, output over voltage protection, etc. ZenPower manages to change the voltage and current levels depending upon the device you have plugged in. We must admit this is a pretty cool offering by far.

When it comes to making your mind clear and pointing out the power bank you desire, it turns out to be the most difficult thing to do. You must be wondering why I’m calling it “the most difficult thing” isn’t it?  Well, it’s mainly because you have the plethora of options. And trust me, they are often deadly than you imagine.

So what makes them deadly? You’re right – your requirements! Do you remember we already mentioned the word Xiaomi somewhere in this review? Well, this is how it takes its form.

Xiaomi has made available its 16,000mAh Mi powerbank at Rs. 1,399 whereas 10500mAh ZenPower power bank costs Rs. 1,499. Don’t freak out just yet. Let us clear our mind with the help of pros and cons first.

Asus Zenpower


– A good quality design and compact size make it look premium.
– It offers great security and power saving features.


– It is horribly overpriced compared to other brands.
– It takes too long to charge the power bank completely.

Full list of specs and features:

Asus ZenPower product specifications and feature


Asus is known for its quality and I recommend it over its Chinese competitors without any doubt. Yeah, you may find it overpriced after looking at the alternatives, but don’t forget, powerbank from companies like Samsung, Sony, and Lenovo almost costs just double. And it’s because of their promise of quality.

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