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Apple to launch new 11-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED display tech

Apple released a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with several firsts, which include a new customized Apple M1 chips as well as the mini-LED display technology. However, many thought the advanced display tech would be restricted to only the higher-end iPad models so that the 11-inch iPad Pro might have to do sans it.

Now a new leak courtesy of Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is working on a new 11-inch iPad Pro that will come with the mini-LED display tech. This will be on top of a new MacBook Air that is also in the works and will be featuring the mini-LED display tech. And Kuo has been doing this long enough for his words to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, there are some bits of information that we know about Apple’s plans for 2022. For instance, there already are reports of Apple planning to implement a glass back for the forthcoming iPad Pro rather than an aluminum build. This, if true, will allow for the tablet for be charged wirelessly. This will also be a welcome change as users will be saved from the hassles of a wired charging setup even though wireless charging is going to be slower than wired ones.

Meanwhile, yet another report, albeit a more ambitious one claims that Apple could be working on more iPad models for launch sometime in the future. Those models again are going to have a larger display than the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Now, Apple has always been keen to target the enterprise sector with its iPad devices, and maybe it plans to do that with bigger models of the tablet.

All of this sounds quite exciting even if these have to be ingested with the proverbial pinch of salt. Only time can tell whether these prove to be true. We will be watching over for the latest developments on this. Be there.


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