Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has chosen to fix the issue of iDevices bricking owing to a date change on any iPhone, iPad or iTouch, prior to May 1970. It is unclear if they would release the fix as part of the next major update (iOS 9.3 which is due in March) or if they will choose to address the issue sooner with a minor release for bug fixes. There is no specific date mentioned regarding the update, neither is there a specific page available for it.

Despite Apple’s statement to the public; “Manually changing the date to May 1970 or earlier can prevent your iOS device from turning on after a restart,” some patrons were found rushing to Apple Stores to fix their bricked devices. While the company provided replacements in the case of many, some were turned back for reasons unknown.

Although it was made certain that re-setting the date this far back on your iDevice would prevent it from restarting until the battery had died, many visitors at Apple Stores changed the dates on brand new devices displayed on the store’s racks, causing panic among store employees.

Apple has not made any public statement explaining why the device bricks when the date is reset ahead of the permitted agenda, but states that you seek their assistance if you should face the same problem.

We suggest that you do not try re-setting the date on your iDevice that far back at all! You might as well not know how it feels to brick your phone deliberately than have Apple turn you away without a replacement.