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AMD Radeon Pro SSG with 1TB NAND flash memory price and availability details

AMD Radeon Pro SSG

AMD Radeon Pro SSG graphics card has been released with an integrated SSD for the first time at $9999. The new Radeon Pro SSG features two PCIs 3.0 M.2 slots, which enables you to add up to 1TB of NAND flash memory directly to the graphics card.

The main advantage of integrating SSD storage in graphics card is that it enables you to work with large datasets locally without having to make use of the system memory. You will be able to experience faster performance during heavy rendering work such as Virtual Reality, medical, scientific computations including oil and gas exploration communities.

AMD Radeon Pro SSG Features

Recently demonstrated at the Siggraph computer graphics conference, the Radeon Pro SSG is capable of rendering raw 8K video smoothly without sacrificing performance at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, AMD has claimed that it can even run at 90 fps.

AMD has manufactured Radeon Pro SSG to target users who perform heavy duty graphics and rendering work. If you are a normal user, the graphics card will not be worth for you considering the massive cost. The beta developer kits of the AMD Radeon Pro SSG will be available for sale within the next few days.

It’s highly unlikely that AMD will slash the pricing of the graphics card since the current product is mainly used for commercial purposes. The beta developer kits will be available for sale from $9999.

AMD Radeon Pro SSG: Polaris Processor

Even though we don’t have any specifications about the new graphics card, AMD has disclosed that the Pro SSG is based on a Polaris 10 chipset. This processor is integrated with the mainstream RX 480 graphics card, which provides an average performance. However, AMD has clarified that the integration of SSD will dramatically improve the rendering speed of high-end computations and workloads.

AMD Radeon Pro SSG Specs and Price

On the specifications front, the Radeon Pro WX7100 features 32 compute units (CUs), 8GB RAM, and a 256-bit bus. Talking about WX5100, it offers 28 CUs/four teraflops, 8GB RAM, 256-bit bus. However, WX4100 ships with 16CUs/2 teraflops, 4GB RAM paired with a 128-bit bus.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Radeon Pro SSG, AMD rendered an 8K video at 17 FPS without using the graphics card and at 30 FPS with the new graphics card.

In addition to the Radeon Pro SSG, AMD also launched new Radeon Pro WX line-up, which is a new range of workstation based graphics card based on Polaris. The Radeon Pro WX 7100 costing $1000 enables you to create professional VR content. The Radeon Pro WX 4100 offers a new design, which is small enough to fit into the pockets of an AMD executive.

The newly released Radeon Pro SSG will be available in a reference design for quality purposes with 10 years warranty.

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