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AMD A-series 6th Generation Processors: All you need to know!

AMD A-series 6th Generation Processors

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), few months ago, released the AMD A series, which are their 6th generation processors. This release was made right at the time when Intel had released their Haswell processors in the market. There are in total five processors in this series.

The Chips are named A10, A8 and A6. All of these are meant to be competitions for the i3 and i5 series. The high market, however, was conceded by AMD to the Intel i7.

Here is a small table of specs for the A series of processors by AMD.

A10-6800K A8-6700 A8-6600K A8-6500 A6-6400k
Radeon Brand HD 8670D HD 8670D HD 8570D HD 8570D HD 8470D
TDP (W) 100 65 100 65 65
Radeon Cores 384 384 256 256 192
GPU Clock Speed (MHz) 844 844 844 800 800
CPU Cores 4 4 4 4 2
CPU Clock (Max Turbo/Base) (GHz) 4.4/4.1 4.3/3.7 4.2/3.9 4.1/3.5 4.1/3.9
Total Cache (MB) 4 4 4 4 1
Max DDR3 2133 1866 1866 1866 1866
AMD Turbo Core Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlock Yes No Yes No Yes
Price (USD) $149 $149 $119 $119 $77


AMD is not doing well as far as the processor market is concerned. Intel Still holds about 80% markets when we talk about processor sale and distribution.

AMD has gone through lots of cost and manpower cuts to make ends meet. These processors are still not in the league when we compare them to the Haswell series. With the new Skylake series in the market, there is no chance for these processors.

Recently Microsoft and Samsung has showed keen interest in buying AMD, this may be because both Microsoft and Samsung is looking to power up their devices with their homegrown CPU design just like Apple.

For people looking for decent performance at low cost, these processors are good options, though.