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How to watch TV channels on phone: Mobile Apps to watch TV Series, Serials, and News

Best Mobile Apps to watch TV

Everything is getting more and more mobile, so is your TV. Android mobile apps that provide a platform for you to watch your favorite shows on the go are getting more and more popular. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 apps through which you can stream your favorite shows right from your Android device.



The Hotstar app is probably one of the most famous live TV streaming apps in India. The app started quite small, but in the present time, this app has plenty of exclusive shows. This app also lets you stream cricket matches for free. Everything can go full screen on this app and the video quality is also pretty good.

nexGTv – Mobile TV, Live TV

Thi app consists of more than 140 Indian channels that you can stream and access for free. This app is very intuitive and gives the users a lot of controls so that they are better able to optimize their user experience. Some other accessibility features like the option to add a channel to the favorites and searching for TV channels makes this app quite good.

Indian TV Live

This app provides free and unrestricted access to a lot of channels. The channels include a whole lot of news channels, talk shows, cartoons and other sports and music channels.

Bingo – Live Indian TV

The Bingo app is another great app that allows you to stream your favorite shows and channels, for free. The best thing about this app is that it also gives access to some of the regional channels.

ZengaTv – Mobile TV, Live TV

The ZengaTv app is a very good app for users who are looking for videos and movies along with streaming of channels. This app can be used on all forms of networks. Genre-wise display and channel search are just some of the very useful functionalities that you get through this app.

News channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News, NDTV, ABP News, etc. are also having their dedicated mobile apps that allow users to watch these channels live on their smartphones.

These apps are very good for those who are constantly on the move. With these apps, you will never miss you favorite shows or cricket matches even if you are not a TV set.

The Hotstar app is definitely our top pick and recommendation. It provides a superb all round access to the channels that we want to stream.

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