Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may be seen with a 6GB RAM and a large 5.8” display screen. Awaited for its release sometime in August or September 2016; the phone’s hardware speculations stem from comments made on a Chinese blog.

While the reliability of this information is questionable, it is public news that Samsung has been working on a 6GB RAM for phones since the early end of last year. To add to it, many China-manufactured phones already house such hardware configurations.

Another piece of information states that the Galaxy Note 6 will provide a superior touchscreen experience with the screen being pressure-sensitive and housing 1,024 pressure points on it, which is half of the 2,048 that the Galaxy Note 5 is built with. It is another fact that remains to be seen at the launch of the phone.

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was announced with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop running on it. The new phone will probably be seen running Android’s latest Marshmallow as the newer operating system is due to be released to earlier Galaxy flagship models shortly.

The new device is expected to have a metal outer body, a 12MP rear camera, an S Pen and internal storage of either 64GB or 128GB to choose from. There has been no mention of a memory card slot just yet, so that remains to be seen too.

Much of the information we have received has not been officially confirmed and should be taken as insights into what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.