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Gigato, a mobile application that refunds data for using apps


Gigato is an Indian startup that is built with the goal of lowering the cost of data. Raina Kumra and Shailesh Nalawadi, the team behind building this product aims at making the internet affordable to the Indian consumers.

The mobile application forum allows app publishers to reward its users with free recharge packs of unrestricted data based on the data incurred in the app. This allows users to experience their favorite apps without worrying about running out of data allowance. App Developers can use Gigato to reward their most loyal users with mobile data instead of offering traditional rewards like cash back or coupons. Data credited to the user is deployable across all consuming services. Gigato functions across multiple operators and is only compatible with Android at the moment.

How it works

Install the Gigato app, and it will display an array of apps you can try or use to earn data. The earned data is occasionally a little higher than the used data, so although initially you lose data while using the platform, you usually end up gaining more. For example, if you use 20MB of mobile data on WhatsApp or Twitter, you could earn 25MB, which can be redeemed.

Upon launch, you can see a list of supported apps you already have on your phone, and Gigato recommends other apps you can install to get data benefits. Since Gigato has many popular apps, so it doesn’t change much apart from the platform.

The app requires permission to check other apps so that it can see how much data is being used in them. There might be assumptions that the app spies on your browsing and conversations, but experts have negated such privacy concerns.

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