Home News Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) testing LiDAR technology for self driving cars

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) testing LiDAR technology for self driving cars

LiDAR technology for self driving cars

In a major development for the autonomous car industry, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) tested Fusion Hybrid automatic vehicle in complete darkness without any headlights on. Using the LiDAR sensor technology, the auto showed the capacity to perform better than when driven by humans.

It’s an essential improvement and upgrade for the company. Ford’s LiDAR, working with the auto’s virtual driver programming, is sufficiently powerful to direct faultlessly around winding streets. While it’s optimal to have radar, cameras and LiDAR, the last can work autonomously on streets without stoplights.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration information has found the traveler vehicle inhabitant casualty rate amid dull hours to be around three times higher than the daytime rate.

Autonomous Ford Fusion prototype doing lights-out testing as seen through night-vision goggles

Ford Optimistic About LiDAR

On account of LiDAR, the test autos aren’t dependent on the sun sparkling, nor cameras distinguishing painted white lines on the blacktop, said Jim McBride from Ford. Indeed, LiDAR permits independent autos to drive generally too oblivious as they do in the light of day, he added.

The self-driving autos utilize high-determination 3D maps, complete with data about the street, street markings, geology, geography and historic points like signs, structures and trees. The vehicle utilizes LiDAR heartbeats to pinpoint itself on the guide progressively. Extra information from radar gets melded with that of LiDAR to finish the full detecting ability of the independent vehicle.

For the desert test, Ford engineers, wearing night-vision goggles, checked the Fusion from inside and outside the vehicle. Night vision permitted them to see the LiDAR doing its employment as a network of infrared laser bars anticipated around the vehicle as it drove past. LiDAR sensors shoot out 2.8 million laser beats a second to precisely filter the encompassing environment.


This year, Ford will test 30 self-driving Fusion Hybrid cars on streets in California, Arizona and Michigan. These improvements are key components of Ford Smart Mobility, the arrangement to take Ford to the following level of availability, portability, self-ruling vehicles, the client experience, and information and examination.

Analysts are optimist that the new development will be a major feat for Ford’s self-driven cars, but no comments have been made so far.