Introduced by Fenda Audio India Pvt. Ltd, the A180X claims to offer superior sound quality with its two-speaker design, supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless playback from a multitude of devices and at a price tag of Rs. 3990 across physical and online retails stores.

The Director at Fenda Audio, ‘Mr. Rajesh Basnsal’ stated that ‘the A180X is a powerful yet affordable solution for anyone looking for a home-theater entertainment solution’.

The A180X boasts of a 42-watt sound system, powered by two satellite speakers and one sub-woofer unit for bass. The speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity up to 15 meters, can be setup with any device that supports a standard 3.5mm audio jack, as well as allows you direct- playback through an SD card slot or USB connectivity.

The speaker additionally lets you connect to your DVD player or TV sets with its RCA connectivity. A built-in FM-Radio Player enables you to listen to the radio to the speakers directly, and its in-built memory allows for storage of up to 100 of your favourite radio stations so you can re-visit them quickly.

The speakers can be controlled from a distance with its Fluorescence wireless remote for easy usage and handling. What’s more is that the speakers also have an LED display for easy reading from all angles.