Researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin, a port city in the north-eastern China, have developed a unique car which propels itself on nothing but brain power. After two years of a grueling research, the first mind-controlled vehicle ever is capable of moving forward and backward, lock and unlock or come to a stop without the ‘driver’ having to move his hands or feet at all.

The vehicle, which sounds like a piece out of sci-fi movies for now, requires the driver to wear brain-reading gear which comprises of 16 sensors. These sensors which can capture the EEG (electroencephalogram) signals emitted by his/ her brain will then be transmitted wirelessly to a computer program, which will then translate these signals and pass the control commands to the car.

With rising pollution levels due to vehicular emissions and climate change becoming the talking point all over the world, this vehicle could well define the manner in which our coming generations will move about or travel.

The unique car which is being produced in collaboration with Chinese car manufacturer, Great Wall Motor for now was initially inspired by the idea to help people with disabilities who are unable to steer their vehicles.

Besides helping differently-abled people and assisting in checking pollution, the system is also safe from absent-mindedness, a major handicap with Google proposed driverless cars. Concentration in these newer cars will be needed only to change their moving status, like changing lanes or turning.

The only problem with this mind-bending technology for now is that these cars are capable of moving forward only in a straight direction.