Adobe  a software giant releases Creative Cloud apps in India. Company makes their apps available for free to Apple tablets and phones users running on iOS 7. The slew of 14 new versions of CC and Adobe Premium Pro CC are easy to operate and developed keeping easy usability in the mind.

Three new mobile apps for iPad Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line and Photoshop Mix were developed using a new Adobe Creative SDK, making it available over the mobile devices for the very first time. These apps include significant mobile compatibilities to Creative Cloud and are professional-grade apps but easy to use.

The all new 14 CC desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Dreamviewer CC and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, are included with Creative Cloud services enabling users to access and manage their files, photos etc. from anywhere. With the all new capabilities, for instance – Photoshop CC now has blur gallery motion effect, focus mask, etc. the app also comes with enhanced Mercury Graphics Engine and an additional ability to link smart objects.

The illustrator also gets some new capabilities such as live shapes and faster rendering of vector graphics with GPU acceleration on Windows with an Adobe-certified NIVIDIA graphics. As well as the video app gets enhancements with including Live Text Templates, masking and tracking etc. The new suite of mobile apps enables users to sketching and drawing on iPad.

The company reveals 3 apps – Adobe Sketch, Line, and Photoshop Mix, for iPad and 2 apps – Lightroom, and Creative Cloud, for both iPhone and iPad. Adobe Sketch is a social sketching app for free-form drawing. It gives designers a connected creative process bringing inspiration, sketching and community together.

The Adobe Line app is the world’s first app for iPad for precision drawing and drafting. It allows to draw beautiful strait lines, French curves and other many shapes. The Third app, Photoshop Mix brings the magic of image mixing to iPad users.

It is connected with Creative Cloud that allows to access and manage images with tools including the Upright, Content aware fill and Camera shake reduction. The Lightroom mobile app comes with the capability to manage and edit images efficiently across desktop, mobile devices and web. And the Creative Cloud app for iPhone and iPad allows to manage files, assets and more. These apps are available for free, in which users will get 2 GB of cloud storage.

The individual user can get more space buy purchasing Creative Cloud Photoshop plan for Rs 499 per month, and for complete access Rs 1000 per month, in which user will get 20 GB of cloud storage. Enterprises would get admin control that helps them to allow their employees to access apps with some permissions as well as they can create the group of members to provide specific or limited access to the apps. Presently these apps are only available with Apple devices and company is planning to introduce Android apps soon later this year.

Adobe is now offering their hardware to the designers and individuals – Adobe Ink and Slide. The Ink is a three-sided hydro-formed aluminum stylus that enables controlled, expressive drawing and connects to Creative Cloud. And the Slid is a digital ruler enabling uses to draw straight lines, perfect circles etc. the hardware is presently available in US only at the price of $199.99 and expected to arrive in India later this year.