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NASA’s asteroid-bound spacecraft OSIRIS-REx takes some breathtaking images of Earth during its ‘flyby’

NASA's visionary unmanned spacecraft OSIRIS-REx recently got a gravitational slingshot for its journey towards the Sun orbiting asteroid, Bennu. On September 22, the fuel-saving...

Scientists say, Climate Change is the main cause of Lucifer heatwave

Well. Europe has suffered from repeated attacks of heatwaves in recent summer. Now, scientists have revealed that it was the climate change which was...

Scientists expect that by 2050, minimum 1000 people would be living on the Moon

According to scientists, By 2040, at least hundred people would be living on Moon by melting ice to get water, by 3D-printing the homes...

Elon Musk is all set to give a surprise update regarding his Mars missions

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, said that he is going to unveil major improvements as well as some unexpected applications, this week. He...

ULA ATLAS successfully places NROL-42 classified satellite into the orbit

The Atlas V 541 rocket of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) has successfully lifted off from the Launch Complex 3 at the Vandenberg Air...

Mars photobombed by the Sun before its encounter with comet Siding Spring

In October 2014, comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) swept past Mars at a very close distance and was also considered as the only known...
China Mars

China to launch its ambitious Mars mission by 2020

Well, it seems that the race to reach Mars has become intensified. Many top space agencies are now gearing up to land themselves on...

Asteroid-Bound OSIRIS-REx spacecraft zooms past Earth for Gravity Boost

A lot of research has been taking place to get more details about the Asteroids present in our solar system as well as outside...

Two asteroids detected orbiting each other in-between Mars and Jupiter

A team of astronomers has been able to visualize an unusual and intriguing object moving in the asteroid belt present between Mars and Jupiter....

Milky Way is a different galaxy as compared to other galaxies, says study

Milky Way, the galaxy in which our planet is present, may not be as typical as it was previously thought. In a recent study,...

Scientist discovered the most compact binary super-massive black hole

In an interesting discovery, astronomers have successfully found out the most compact double or binary supermassive black hole present in the galaxy which is...