WD has released a new series of SSD drives for home PC users, the WD Blue PC SSD for desktops! The Blue series of SSD from WD are available from 250GB to 1TB storage capacity configurations and cost accordingly. The one we have for the review is WD Blue PC SSD 250 GB variant and is already available both in online and offline markets.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our findings in the testing of this SSD.


Setting Up The SSD

The WD Blue PC SSD is SATA SSDs requires the M.2 slot on your PC’s motherboard (sometimes available on laptops too) to get installed and working. WD claims the drive to achieve 545 MB/s and 525 MB/s as the highest read and write speeds respectively. The SSDs are one of the leading components of a gaming PC build because SSDs are always faster than the mechanical hard drives. So, no doubt, WD Blue is worth looking for!

Hardware Quality

WD Blue PC SSD has a 1.75 million meantime for failure, which means there is a negligible chance of failing and the drive can secure your precious data for years. You can multitask efficiently with a bunch of applications at the same time and because the SSD doesn’t have any mechanical parts, it can handle those requests easily.


The WD BLUE SSDs comes with the WD dashboard software which keeps track of the SSD performance. The Dashboard shows the model number, device health, and also provides security for the data stored in the drive. It explains everything you need to know about your SSD and to maintain your drive to keep it in its optimal health and to make it last longer.

The WD Blue PC SSD is a small and very compact SSD for your desktop and installation is very easy too. All you need to do is push the SSD into the M.2 slot and push the back part of the drive down and screw it to the board. Once done, there is nothing to connect it to, all you need is to configure the drive to boot it first if you are allotting this drive as the primary drive.


We started our tests by installing the SSD in our test/gaming PC (it’s pretty dope!) and tested the read and write speed using the CrystlDiskMark benchmarking tool. The drive is high-speed and every application or game launched from the disk executed within a blink of an eye!


Now for the scores, the CrystalDiskMark has shown some excellent results, which proves the WD’s claim of the read and write speeds. The average read speed we experienced was 555 MB/s and write speed was 511 MB/s, you can check the other details in the benchmarking screenshot. The read and write speeds are over 500 MB/s every time in every condition, which is just lovely!

The Verdict

The price of the WD Blue M.2 SATA SSD are as follows:

  • 250GB – INR 6,999
  • 500GB – INR 11,499
  • 1TB – INR 22,999

The WD Blue PC SSD 250GB is the perfect companion for your new gaming build; you can even upgrade your laptop (if your laptop has an M.2 slot). This drive will decrease the boot time of your laptop or desktop if you will use it as the primary disk of the system. The drive comes in three variants according to the size of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB with full three years of warranty.